I've bought 2 Epson P50 printers.
Then tried to print photos on windows 7 on them at the same time.
* using Nero cover designer
* using ms word
After printing some part of photos both printers throw papers.

I've also tried install windows xp, then printed on them, again same problem.
Tried change USB ports. Didn't solve problem.

Any suggestion appreciated, folks...
please help.

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Hi Neo, Is the problem fixed?
Have you visited a local printer guy?

read the manual of the printer i think their is a instruction there if you find problem regarding in printing...

i have exact same problem
test on fresh installed windows 7 (32 and 64 bit); no luck
try to use latest driver; no luck
delete files in "\Windows\System32\spool\PRINTERS"; no luck
try to change priority of spoolsv.exe in task manager; no luck
im in dead end :(

although when i use another computer with win xp sp3 (32 bit), both printer worked fine...
i think its a hardware related problem ...

last night after 2 and half week try and error i found a way to work it out
but its a bit risky and may void warranty ...
all i did, was changing one of my P50 to T50 by reprogramming its EPROM (or EEPROM)
its working by now but i dont no if it leads to any problem later
neo, if you interested in doing so, just leave a reply

You must know that the printer has its own memory so all you need to do is clear the memory and put new instructions.What you have done is fine but make sure you don't give random print task am sure it will work fine.

Thank you vivi 2206.
I'll try do so...

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