hello, I have a problem with my Mouse. The problem i am having is that whenever i start my PC (which is running on Windows Xp home editiion), my mouse won't move. What i have to do in order get the the mouse to move for me again is to Restart the computer.

This problem started after i added a new 500watts power supply and a new graphic card to my computer. my new graphic card model is SAPPHIRE 100156L Radeon X1600PRO 256MB GDDR3 PCI Express x16 Overclocked Edition CrossFire Ready Video Card - Retail.

Anyone who have read this i thank you, if you have advice for me that would be even better. If you want to know more of the details post and i will try to give you more information. PC is a HP a630n model.

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sometimes USB mice simply decide that they dont like the rear slots on some computors. This at the very least does it for me on my HP where the mouse would stop working suddenly and i would have to restart. i later fixed this by unplugging the mouse from the back and then plugging it into the front the computor should make the found new hardware noise and the mouse should then be working unplug the mouse and return it to the rear and it should then work. I aventually got sick of doing this however and now keep both my keyboard and mouse plugged into the front of the computor. Neither of the two have stopped working since.


Hmm I tried they way you told me to try and it worked!!!.. but now i want to ask if there is a permenat way to fix this problem.. so i can plugg my mouse in that mouse port again

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