Hi all,

Hope someone might know something I dont.
Recently IE 6 has been taking an age to start up after cliking on the desktop Icon or going through the start menu.

I know its not relevant to this thread, but explorer, either through start menu or by right clicking on start button is also very slow to start up.

Does anyone know of anything that might be casuing this or how to fix it.


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It could be a virus, too many processes running, a hardware problem, or a number of other things.

As a starting point, I suggest you get the self-extracting version of HijackThis from here (in line 2):

Close any open browser windows, 'Scan and Save Log' with hijackthis, copy the log and paste it into a new thread in the Virus forum (this is the only forum where hijackthis logs are to be posted).

Hi Dlh6213,

Thanks for that, I have posted my hijackthis log in the virus forum.

Hoggy :D

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