Get: "icc2000.exe has generated errors and will be closed by Windows..." after installing and dialing a valid access telephone number using newly installed Roadrunner (internet connection) Acess Dialer. Get dial tones and modem access tones, then the icc2000.exe error message. When attempting it a second time without rebooting I get an error message that says that another application is using the designated modem. If I reboot, the modem is available but I am back to the icc2000.exe error message.

RR Tech support told me to uninstall and resinstall their dialer software...did that and got same problem.
Any ideas?

There should be some problem with the compatibility of the program ... contact the vendor support if possible.

I did...they said to uninstall and reinstall the dailing access software.

I could not find anything on the Microsoft web site for "icc2000.exe" sp I posted this query here.

I just ran into this problem myself and after 2 attempts at contacting RR tech support, I found someone who just might have been bright enuf 2 help me.

Here's what they said to do:

Update with security patch @

Relates to Microsoft Article 824301 which doesn't call out ICC2000.exe error but similar errors.

Hope it helps someone!!

I had the same problem on my Win2000 machine and the patch posted fixed the problem.