Hi everyone,

Got a major problem here I have my MD in Thailand connected to our site in UK trying to access his exchange mail. Once he initiates a VPN connection to the office he can open up outloook 2003 and the status comes up connected. However, a message keeps coming up saying waiting to update folder or "outlook is trying to retrieve data from exchange server".

This is causeing the following problems:

1) His mailbox is not syncronised. Mail he has sent is not appearing in the sent items box.
2) Missing chunks of mail. He is able to check this by comparing OWA to his account in OL2003.
3) Headaches on my part as the MD of the company thinks i'm inefficient!!!!! (this is the main one!)

Please anyone who can help.


Are you using SMTP or POP?


We have a weird setup. We run mdaemon 4.0.5 which forwards mail to exchange accounts on the exchange 2003. so yeah pop3.