i need some help or something. everytime i get on the computer i get swamped with ads that pop up all the time and now this program thing keeps installing itself on my computer. i uninstall it but it keeps coming back. its apparently called Ezula and i've been reading stuff on it but different sites say different things so i was wondering if any knows anything about this and if so, how can i block it from coming back?

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i uninstall it but it keeps coming back.

Ezula seems to bury pieces of itself pretty deeply into your system. When you say "uninstall", exactly what method did you use? Personally, I use both AdAware and SpyBot to regularly scan and clean any Win machines I deal with (I mainly use Linux myself, so I'm immune to most/all of the spyware BS :cheesy: ).

In general, many spyware/adware programs install registry entries, obscure files/folders in your system directories, etc. which will reinstall the software at some point (usually the next bootup or logon). I've often had to manually weed through the registry and directory heirarchy pretty extensively to manually remove all traces of the programs. It can take a lot of research and detective work, and I wouldn't suggest that anyone who isn't comfortable with registry hacking undertake the endeavor.

In terms of blocking these programs from entering your system, some can stopped with a firewall program such as Zone Alarm, but others work in such a way as to appear as valid network activity/information and therefore pass right through firewalls.

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