It seems Microsoft new update ruined my pc.once I click on start some error appears everytime

Just last week I lucked into a "Windows 10 update ruined my PC." A relative told me this and I wanted this one to see what it was.

Nope. Was not what they thought it was. In this case the video mode was not optimum and an update was pending but would not install.

For a very good reason. On boot there was a clue given. "Press a key to skip disk check...." And no disk check would happen. Right or wrong I've seen this since Windows NT (for some that would be Windows XP.)

I opened a command prompt and typed in CHKDSK C: /F /R /X and then rebooted. The disk check ran, corrected some errors, the update installed, and rebooted to find the machine back to normal.

-> And here lies a huge problem. I call it the toaster problem. We have reached the point that folk expect a Windows PC to just work without having to know anything about this beast.

Nothing could be further from reality.

When you fix yours, share what it was.

some error appears everytime

It would have helped if you would have told us exactly what the error is. We dont have magic Crystal Balls.

We dont have magic Crystal Balls.

Speak for yourself ;-)

That said, simply stating 'some errors appear' is never going to solicit the help the OP is looking for. So, Hammad, try again but tell us exactly what errors you are experiencing and maybe we can help you

I want to add screenshot but there is no image adding option in reply box.

Are you not seeing the paperclip in the edit toolbar?

I guess your computer has a AMD processor. All our Intel serves upgraded fine, but all our AMD servers were unusable after the upgrade. All AMD had to be reinstalled from scratch

@Phillipe, that's terrible. At our office not one glitch but few AMD machines.

Windows Server generally has been dead stable. Can you share what Windows Server version this was and a news link?