Hi all,

Here's a strange one - just replaced a screen backlight inverter on a toshiba satellite U-400. All works fine. Then it becomes intermittent.

When I close the laptop lid (Laptop goes into hibernate) and open it again, the screen invertor won't work - the unit boots up and the screen is there (if you shine a flashlight onto it - you can see the desktop).

So, I shutdown the laptop, re-boot and put inot sleep then hibernate, then sleep etc. and all is fine

Then I shut the lid, wait for it to hibernate and open the lid - no screen backlight

Any ideas ?
Invertor ?
lid switch ?

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It sounds like the system isn't restarting the backlight when coming out of hibernation. Did you talk with the techs? I'm sure there is some connection that was either not done, or not done properly that has to be used to trigger restarting the backlight. Since it works if you shut down the system and restart it, then it may be a hibernate or driver problem. I'm just guessing here since I haven't seen this problem myself.

Last question: did you replace the backlight yourself, or had it done by some service?

Hi rubberman,

Thanks for the input.

I can't see a driver error on the event logs and yesterday after I wrote the post, the backlight didn't work at all, no matter how I shutdown/re-booted.

I replaced the inverter myself as this was the original issue. I haven't yet looked at the backlight as its part of the screen and dont want to buy one of those just yet !! might just be worth telling my customer to get a new laptop !!

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