I have a couple of machines that have a Netlogon error that can be corrected by removing it from and then reconnecting it to the Domain. I have already done this once and successfully resolved the problem. However, the side effect of this was that the profile of the user on the PC was blown away and I had to spend ages reconnecting him after the event.

I have heard rumours of a command line that can remove the pc from the domain without killing the profile but have been unable to find anything about it. Any hints as to a method (command line or otherwise) would be gratefully accepted.


Probably you are talking about dsrm tool. This tool is used to remove objects (including computer object, here is how to do that) from Active Directory. But what you do when you say you are removing the computer? Do you remove it from AD or just disjoin from the domain using the Indentification Changes dialog box? If you disjoin the computer from domain, you disable account and the object GUID remains in Active Directory but when you delete the object you delete GUID from the Active Directory what you can view using the ADSIEdit utility. Here's how you can delete computer account and unjoin computer from domain using scripting.

I am just unjoining it from the Domain