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I am attempting to Find and Replace text in an Excel 2016 spreadsheet.

For example, I'm searching for the following URL in the spreadsheet:


Upon located this URL in the spreadsheet, I want to replace the following with the @ symbol:


The result would be this:


Previously, I was using Excel online and was able to do this easily. I'm now using a desktop version which is giving me the following error message: "This function is invalid"

When I attempt to make the change manually, it seems to initiate a function; I am not familiar with Excel functions and do not need this at this time.

I've read online that the @ symbol is reserved and related to functions (?) and therefore cannot be used as a simple text symbol-- is this true?

Is there any method (or work-around) to achieve this?

Thank you in advance.

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2 things. Your blog looks ancient in content.

Second I think you'll have to write some VBA code to do this one. I didn't find the search and replace to do what you asked.

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