I need to be able to get to the root level of my command line. I bought this win 7 computer from someone else and forgot the command to get to the administrator's command line, to do a thorough chkdsk, properly.

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Are you logged in with an admin account? If so, right click the CMD prompt shortcut and select run as administrator.


Or you can just select Run as Administrator by right clicking on C:\Windows\System32\cmd.exe (or whatever the 64 bit equivalent is if you have a 64 bit computer)


Yes you have a two option to reach the administrato command.
1/ you go to the CMD prompt and run the administrator.
2/ Go to the C:\windows\system32\cmd.exe

The default action for the Power button on the start menu in Windows 7 is Sleep, which isn’t necessarily useful for everybody. You can configure this setting easily by using the advanced power settings panel, which is a little tricky to get to normally, but we’ll take the shortcut. Open a command prompt (type cmd into the start menu search bar), and then type in the following: powercfg.cpl,1. You could also take the long route (Control Panel Power Options Change Plan Settings Change Advanced Power Settings) Once you get to this dialog, browse down as shown to “Power buttons and lid”

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