A relative had a pretty beat up qualifying Windows laptop so I took a chance that this deal was still working.

Read https://www.cnet.com/how-to/microsoft-windows-10-free-upgrade-offer-assistive-features/ but the new expiry date is now Jan 16, 2018.

Direct Link at www.microsoft.com/en-us/accessibility/windows10upgrade

Officially, Microsoft was still offering the free upgrade only to users of "accessibility" features but they weren't asking for any verification so it's basically just an extension. I have two laptops that I don't want to upgrade just yet so in order to allow me to do the upgrade later I:

  1. took an image of my C partition
  2. applied the Windows 10 upgrade
  3. restored the image from step 1

The laptops are the same as I started with but the computers are now registered as official so when I do decide to go W10 I can wipe and install a fresh W10 from the iso at no charge.

There's one trick I used on W10 machines that is little known. I had a relative that insisted their PC could only use the 32 bit Windows versions. So fine, did that. Sure enough they were back saying they need the 64 bit version. The Digital Entitlement (horrid name) allowed the same version but in other bits to install and activate. So there is something nice about the new license system.