Please excuse my knowledge as I am new to most of this.

I have a small office and mostly we work in the office, but due to health problem, one of the staff now need to work from home, I have heard of Remote Desktop and Terminal Servers but not totally sure as to how to implement this.
We currently have a 2012 Standard server but we can upgrade to 2016 Standard if needed to because I really need this remote feature, we are a small accountants firm and we uses mostly standard packages such as Sage and Tasbook, but there are also a few non-standard software for client taxes.

I am looking for a way to basically allow staffs when they login, either at work or from home, to see the same desktop/programs and mapped drives as if they always sit in the same location, we all have fibre broadband at home + work so speed shouldn't be a problem.

Could someone kindly explain how to and what do I need to purchase, or a link to a good youtude video for beginners.

Many thanks for any help given.


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Look up RemotePC. They got an easy solution for the novice user. Don;t need to spend anything or be a tech guru.

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