I have got 3 MS-Word 2007 document files (DOCX) which MS Word is now unable to open because they are corrupted. MS Word's recovery could work. Tried Stella Phoenix, Recovery Tool Box and a few more: they do the job but are for sale. Is there any free one which I can use to recover the 3 files only?

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One time I was able to recover the text only from a corrupt word file by using strings.exe which is available as a free SysInternals tool. That program will extract all text strings from any file. If the file is compressed then you are likely out of luck.


Some people make backups so they can fall back on those in case of recovery. Others don't want to spend the time to do backups and prefer to spend money on recovery software. Your choice here.
Try use Word Repair Toolbox. is a program to restore text from corrupted *.doc, *.docx, *.dot, *.dotx Microsoft Word files and *.rtf format Rich Text files. https://www.repairtoolbox.com/wordrepair.html

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