Hi, I'm trying to record sounds from my computer. I had no trouble when I did this with XP, but since upgrading, I'm at a loss for what to do. I've looked online and the only thing I haven't yet tried of the suggestions (reloading/updating/installing new driver, use adio recording programs like audacity, etc.) I've found is to buy a new soundcard. Is there a way around it (as my soundcard is fine as it is and I can't afford to buy a new card)?

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Have you tried enabling the Stero Mix function in the Sound options within Control Panel? I'm assuming you are using Windows 7 here, so go into Sound and the the tab that says Recording. Right click and choose "Show Disabled Devices". Then right click on the option that says Stero Mix and choose Enable.
From there download Audacity for free from the internet (or alternatively use whatever program you currently use) and start recording from any source playing from your computer.


I confirm serunson's solution, i had the same problem when i was programming my sound recording application in VB.net
the only way in Windows7 to record from the wavetable is to manually select the stereomix as a source from the soundcard preferences.

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