Hello everyone,

I have been trying to open a text file with the extension .tdb (Text database or something like that) for weeks. The file is used in a GameCube game. This contains the texts of the game (of the menus, information of the enemies, etc.), unfortunately these texts are in English and I would love to be able to translate the texts by hand into Spanish (my mother tongue).

I have taken the ISO of the backup of my original disk to be able to modify the file. I have managed to open it with the notepad and edit it, which works, but when I return to reintroduce the file to the ISO, the texts are broken. I have been told that this happens because the notepad is not able to open the file really, but only interprets it, that is why I see rare symbols next to the texts.

Well my question is, can someone tell me what software I can open this type of file ?, I've listened to Samba 3 (but I do not know if that really is the software I need), however, my knowledge of Linux is null, I would greatly appreciate someone explaining something to me about it. I leave the file in case someone wants to take a look (https://mega.nz/#!GQYhVB7D!fjoqb3rvIoZSuIKCYMAnrCKk9dmERZSY6Z0zUnLKiFM).

Thank you very much in advance!

PD: I do not know if this post goes here, if not, thousand apologies and move it to the corresponding forum please.

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So many hurdles. Even if you were able to edit it, Gamecube discs are copy protected so you can't burn your own and play the game.

Maybe there was a Spanish version of the game? That is, you left out the game's title.

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No Next Encounter in Spanish it seems. But for the PC, on Steam some have translations such as

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Have you tried notepad++

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So many hurdles. Even if you were able to edit it, Gamecube discs are copy protected so you can't burn your own and play the game.

Maybe there was a Spanish version of the game? That is, you left out the game's title.

The title of game is Serious Sam Next Encounter

Hi Erwin,

The GameCube Game uses very sophisticated platform and is very difficult to make any changes in them, so better if you can search for the spanish version of the same.

But, if you really wanna try and get to something unique you may try to open your .tdb file in 'File Viewer Plus' which can open hundreds of different extension file or can go for ThumbsPlus or Foxit Reader.

And do reply me if any of this idea have get you through.

Thank you very much for your answer!. I'll try what you tell me!

In any case I clarify that I have no problems in editing the ISO of the gamecube, I have already changed textures and audios in other games and can make them work very well in Dolphin. My problem is only with the .tdb files

Well then I tell you, greetings!

I see rare symbols next to the texts

Maybe the file is not text, but a binary fle of text strings, eg
text: Hello<CR>World<CR>
bin: <fieldID=1, length= 5>Hello<fieldID=1, length= 5>World
(where the <> stuff is stored as binary integers)

... in which case editing with a text editor will fail, but you could try a hex/bin editor and overwrite the English text with new strings of exactly the same length. It wouldn't take long to try just one or two before comitting to the whole job.

Have you tried notepad++

commented: Not a bad idea as it can handle such odd files so this pluse what JC noted and go try it. +15

Hi!, I already tried with File Viewer Plus and it did not work, and also try to keep the sizes and it does not work either, the texts are broken. Will there be any other way to open the file?

Help me please! :( :(

It's propreitary and could have code to check a checksum to prevent tampering. There's also the copyprotection issues and I would be guessing if you chipped your game system or such. PLEASE DON'T TELL ME HOW YOU BROKE THE COPY PROTECTION. NO. DON"T WRITE ABOUT IT.

As a test edit. Find some unique word and change only that. So the word "The" for example, change that to "QQQ" so it's the same byte length and test. If it can't handle that, the file or text system is not "simple."

Have you also tried ThumbsPlus or Foxit Reader to open your file.

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