I have a valid Window 7 Pro OEM license sticker with the product key but lose the CD. Now that I need to format the computer but I don't have the CD. I just want to find out how to obtain a CD since I got a valid Window 7 Pro OEM license sticker which is not tied up with any brand by the way. It is more for custome build type of computer. Appreciate to those who help.

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Contact Microsoft to see if you can get a replacement. It will cost you, but probably less than a new CD/DVD and license.

Digitalriver.com is where you go - it's the official download site. This site gives the links to available versions. :o
Pretty much with W7, you choose SP1, media refresh, and 32 or 64 bit. Then, before you burn your disk (or load your UFD) you simply delete a file (sources\ei.cfg) and so will be presented with the choice when installing of Home, Pro or Ultimate (match your licence!). Downloads are free.
Why delete that file before loading? Simply, it gives you access to all W7 flavours. May save a future burning/download. You do need a software such as Isoburner to open the iso, then to recreate it. Or WinRAR plus Imgburn. Whatever.

Ist it safe? What about the product key? I got the product key sticker, how do I key in the productkey during the installation. Or is it, I install first than change the product key later? I don't mind downloading and try as long as it is safe.
Thanks for your reply.


You can enter the product key after installing i believe if not during the install, just pick the correct version of windows.

Thanks. I will give it a try.

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