i was installed adobe photoshop in my lab but when i'm opening tat error message displayed like user registration failed. then i was delete it without uninstalling. next what i have to do. whether it may occupy the space or not. i want to delete whole history. anybody please tell me.

You should download Adobe Complete Uninstaller.


You have to reinstall this software using CD.

And than Uninstall it by the way of Uninstall Programs fron CP

You can also go to start menu press run and enter regedit. when registry opens hilight computer then go to file - export. save the registry somewhere where you will find it again easily and wait for it to be saved.This is in case you need to reinstall the registry. Not a bad idea to set a restore point as well befor continuing. Now highlioght computer again in registry , go to Edit - Find and type in Photoshop. Press enter and then delete anything to do with photoshop, ONLY PHOTOSHOP. press the F3 key to make it easie to keep looking for photoshop entries. When finished restart and all ref to photoshop will be gone. Except off course if you have left anything in explorer, but the important bits will be gone and you can reinstall completely. Good Luck.