Hello All,

I have an issue with Windows 7: sometime the copy paste doesn't work and when this issue appear => the only way to remove it is by rebooting my pc.

The copy paste doesn't work (wether using using [Ctrl]+[C], [Ctrl]+[V] or by context menu (right-click menu)) for all the applications (notepad, word, eclipse, outlook, skype). And also I'm unable to copy folders and files from one location to another !

I have tried everything but none of the below solutions solved my problem:

  1. sfc /scannow

  2. msconfig : Go to Startup, disable everything but windows services

  3. Updated my antivirus and checked for all viruses: All clean.

  4. Despite not using remote desknbsp;end the RDPCLIP.EXE process, and then restart the task.

  5. I used some tools : GetOpenClipboardWindow.zip, + many other => No issue detected to solve !

  6. Type Go to Start (Start/Run) type the following in the search box: cmd /c “echo off | clip” then hit Enter. : Everybody is suggesting this but still issue not solved.

  7. I'm using the office 365 / 2016 tools suite: word, outlook, skype etc... They may be the cause of this issue because I noticed some wrong window display in skype. But restarting those Apps didn't help !

The only solution that worked is to reboot the PC but I don't want to do it each time.

So any suggestion from you guys is very much appreciated and thanks in advance.

There might be problem with your Microsoft office version. Try uninstalling it and then installing 2013 version. Because in some laptops/ PCs there occurs some problems when we install Office 2016 version.
Also, if the problem is not solved by this, contact technician instead of resolving it on your own and take back up of all your data because there might be some other hardware issue with your laptop.

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