I started my first stream to learn how to use OBS and Twitch. After some time, everything worked pretty good for a first stream. However, I have one question. I use a gaming PC and a streaming PC. I tried to preview my stream on my streaming pc before I went live on twitch. I thought that this shouldn't be a problem because I can see my stream in OBS on my streaming pc anyway. However, I was not able to hear any sound on my streaming pc. I just saw the video in obs, but without sound. As soon as I went live on twitch, I was able to hear the sound on twitch. Do you know why I can't hear the sound in OBS? Is this normal?

Firstly, every page in the Google search results you linked to are from one specific forum. That's kinda weird ever since Google recently announced that, except in very extreme cases, they changed their algorithm to ensure that there's not more than one result per domain in the top 10 results.

That being said, though, you said that the ideas you had were in the first ten hits, but that's a lot of forum discussions to sift through. Could you maybe point out some specific posts or post the solution(s) here instead?

The first page here has obsproject, youtube and streamlab forums. What I want to hear from the op is they tried those ideas. Unless we are turning into a fish market but my view is the ideas about audio monitoring, settings and drivers are all there. Surely Steven would have tried those so why type all that again? Let's hear what Steve - Tech Support has tried.

My only encounter with this had the user check the Audio Monitoring as noted in the first hit but with folk all over the map on OS, drivers and more, you learn to research and there is rarely a cure that always fits. Sort of how you troubleshoot a Windows BSOD. My friend here does have a solution for that one. It's just like they do at Apple, you replace the machine.