I am running Windows Vista. The last time Windows had an update, I completed the update, however when I used the computer the next time, I received the following message: User Profile Service Failed the Logon, User Profile Cannot be Loaded". I would type in my Windows password and nothing would happen. Tried rebooting and that didn't work. Googled this problem and found an answer to fix this. Should I be concerned about updating Windows in the future? Could this User Profile Service Failure be connected to the updates and is there another way for me to logon to Windows if this happens again?

Thank you.

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Hi bro!
1. about updates, it depends on you & your windows uses (including it's price, license, version)
2. about User Profile Service Failure, microsoft knows it (in my opinion, but won't harm you)
3. if happend again, back to step 1 xD kidding,, try "safe mode"
good luck

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