We have a cgi script on a shared ssl. When I access it from my computer at home it works fine. It is an administrative script that is password protected and as soon as I log in the script loads. When I try to access the program at work using the exact same url it redirects to yahoo.com??? I have deleted all cookies and checked everything I can think of. I have installed Ad-aware and checked for spyware. We are using the exact same url, userid and password - but when I enter the password on work pc, yahoo.com pops up. Both computers are Dell running XP and IE6 (I installed Mozilla And got the same results) with all latest updates. I have searched registry for Yahoo and deleted all entries found. Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated.

Where is this CGI script? Is this your own server or do you have a service provider? I know that you can configure servers and even devices(routers, etc) to reject and redirect people from certain IP addresses and only accept a range. Maybe it's that. You might want to talk to whoever runs the server. Also make sure that your service provider (if you're using one) doesn't appened additional source code at the top of your page. For example, in this case, it can check subdomains. I doubt that's the case, but you never know. Make sure you don't have a virus too. There could be a virus that corrupts Internet Explorer so it has problems creating cookies(could become corrupt). If you're having trouble creating cookies, and your login script relies on them, then as a default it could send you to yahoo.com.