I am running a Windows XP Prof SP2 on a Celeron 2.0 with 640 MB of DDR RAM. I have a S3 Graphics ProSavage DDR built in video card with 32 MB of video ram.

I recently migrated to IE 7. I like the many new features which have been incorporated into it. But the problem is that IE 7 works very slow. I am having problems scrolling pages, moving between tabs, moving between different IE windows, minimizing and maximizing IE windows, etc. It has made the whole navigation with IE very very slow. I have windows xp themes disabled but even this is not helping. Could someone please help me?

Thanks in advance.


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Internet explorer uses a new built in phising filter which scans(or is meant to scan) all your websites as they download. try turning that off and that should make it faster. Another great product from the wonderful world of microsoft what will they think of next.

Thanks a lot!!. IE is working faster now.


lol that phising filter told me a part of debian.org was suspicious lol

I think the filter is a great idea, it certainly worked for my mum who was about to enter in her credit card details into a phising site :s thankfully the phising filter stopped her from doing that, so thanks to microsoft my mum don't have to deal with banks etc due to some idiot stealing her banking details.

I love the fact that I'm recieving emails from 'Nationwide' (I think not) asking for me to update my bank account details ;) what's funny is that I'm not even a Nationwide customer, it just shows that these scammers don't even need to try :S

i ahve no problem with the phising filter if they made it work properly but they have pretty much reduced out internet connections back down to the dark days of dial up

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