hoping someone can help with this, i notice other people have has similar problems.

My account on hotmail will absolutely not log in via hotmail.com on my laptop (connected via wireless). I have installed firefox and upgraded to IE7, both give the same result.

Have cleared the cache, cleared cookies, checked security settings and have tried the login fixer posted on this site.
All with no luck.

The same account works on my desktop pc and other accounts can log in using the laptop on hotmail and on yahoo.
So it seems that its just this one account that it wont let log on on the laptop.

This is one of the more bizzare problems i've faced, but hey in the world of microsoft, im not entirely surprised by these things anymore.

So, please help if you can, either anything new to try or links to possibly solutions.


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Solved it.

Guy at HelpdeskRemote figured it out.

Restarted the router. Page started to load properly.

Hope it works for someone else too.

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