I had norton anti virus on my pc and as i was having problems detecting a virus someone advised me to download panda anti virus aswell, i did this last night and now everything has gone pear shaped! if i go to task manager there are hundreds of things running so it goes very slow if i try and get in to control pannel it can take up to 2 hours to even get that, i have gone in to run and msconfig and disabled all start up options as i was told this would make the machine run quicker and i should be able to get in to add and removes programmes to remove panda or uninstall it from the desktop but even by disabling everything in start up it still does not work, does anyone please have any advice of another way i can get rid of panda from the machine please ? typical nightmare time as i have some assignments to finish and cant get online or use PC at all......................many thanks sball0956 am currently using a friends PC so i can pick emails up from here so if someone can help please could you email me please my email address is .... {Removed}

Please let us know what OS you are using; if it is XP or Me, try using System Restore to a time before you started having problems.

You should not have more then one antivirus program installed on your computer at the same time; someone probably suggested you use Panda's free online scanner (not install Panda on your computer).

Reboot into Safe Mode, go to Add/Remove programs in your Control Panel, and see if you can remove Panda from there.

While in Safe Mode, go to msconfig and enable everything; later you can research (using Google, or asking here), to determine which specific entries, if any, you should disable in msconfig.

Where did you download Panda from !!???

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