I have a phantom dvd drive on my computer. it is not connected to any hardware but it is there as my I drive.

I just noticed it in "My Computer" and I can't get rid of it. Thoughts?:?:

Did you install a software like Alcohol120% or DemonTools or do you use a recent Nero/other CD burning program version? They all can install "virtual" drives where you can mount CD/DVD image files. Get rid of them by unselecting the associated option in these programs.

yeah it's defenetly the software that Xpenetrator have mentioned

i uninstalled the program a while ago but the virual ddrive still remains. how do i get rid of it.

Method 1:
While the program is still installed, uncheck/deactivate the virtual drives, then uninstall the program. (That means reinstall it, deactivate drives and uninstall again)

Method 2:
Right click "My Computer", click "Properties" and "Device Manager". In the list, click on the plus sign near "CD/DVD drives". Search for something like "Generic DVDROM SCSI CDROM Device" or else that doesn't show name and model of your real DVD/CD-drives. Then right-click these and choose "uninstall".

Hope that works...:)

:cheesy: option # 2 worked. you guys rock!!!!!!!:p