With each system it seems to change. I need to locate where (what folders) Outlook Express stores the email information? I'm trying to bring some files in from 98SE and I can't seem to find a good place to put them so they'll show up in Express.
Thanks, BuddyB

Buddyb - It is actually pretty easy task you are asking. Open Outlook Express (in whatever user login you are using in windows) and click on Options-->Maintenance Tab --> Store Folder button and it will give you the path to where you email is stored. You can change it if you want to as well.

Hope this helps!

Thanks. I did locate where the emails were. I then tried to move emails that I had moved over from another hard drive, one that crashed, and they would not open in OE. I'm obviously doing something wrong. Any ideas?
Thanks, BuddyB

Hey Mad,
Thanks for that. I will give it a shot.

I will have to look for the free tool that is the bomb I had it before just read about in PC World but, forgot the name I left the mag at work. I will keep you informed.