i am useing an imation super disk USB drive on my laptop. however it has been a bit touchy. I just reinstalled windows 2000, see my bootloader post, and all the drivers are on the super disk. normaly it is just plug and play, no drivers needed. however this time is different. I get 2 results. either it does not detect the drive at all or it says it is not formated.
well, i know it works cause i used the drive on a windows2000 computer, same version and such. also it worked on the laptop before i had to reinstall.
if i remember this is not a problem with the drive but the default USB drivers. anyway i am going to install USB drivers as to correct this. what driver(s) do i need for the compaq 700? i dot think they are usb 2.0
also the chipsets on the laptop are via.

I have a BusLink 40gig USB 2.0 hard drive. What I do when I reformat is go to www.buslink.com and download their drivers for my hdd. The drivers come with built-in USB 2.0 connectivity if connected to a USB 2.0 controller. (I used to use a USB2 PCI card but the motherboard I have now has USB2 built-in).

In any case, I think that Microsoft has some sorta patch for USB2 support as well. However, I'd try your hdd manufacturer first. There is most likely documentation there.

btw, this is my drive: http://www.buslink.com/index.cgi?view_product=yes&product_sku=677891121222

well mine is not a usb hard drive. a super disk is like a zip disk but optical. it holds 120MB and will read/write floppies as well, super disks look the same as a floppy. these are very popular in the mac world, but work with PC too.
i have tried the web site however they only have win98/me drivers, they say windows versions above this support the drive. well they do
however it is not the drive i need drivers for, but the USB for it to correctly see and use the drive.
this is very annoying as i need the drive to install the rest of 2000, the drivers. i tried burning but i dont have admin status and am unable to do so. I am not driving 30 miles north to my system

It's a laptop and it's 30 miles away? Good use of a portable system, j/k.

In any case, have you tried the microsoft website for USB 2.0 support for windows 2000? Usually when I install drivers after a reformat, I always download the latest drivers via the web instead of using the driver disks. It is always beneficial in the long run.

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