Hi everyone,

I was wondering is any of you know an alternative Office Suite program to Microsoft's MS Office? I have heard that there is very good freeware that you can download but don't know the name or where to get it, nor do I know how reliable it is, meaning spyware/malware free.

A complete program with word processing, spreadsheet, presentation and email would be great. Thanks for any help.....Justine


I have 'Open office.Org' on my computer you can download it for free on the internet its practically the same as MS Office you may find it lacks some features though for example it doesnt have clippy thats why I have Office aswell but I don,t notice a great difference.

it can open all your existing word, powerpoint and excel files

no spyware whatsoever (its opensource) and its free

I use it. Its great

Yeah, OpenOffice.org is great. And that damn paperclip is a 'feature' that I don't miss at all. It can be downloaded here, but it is rather large (93 Mb for Windows).
A better option might be to go to your local newsagents and look for a PC mag which has it on their DVD. There are usually be one or two for sale when I do my monthly mag buying.

93mb isnt a lot if you have broaband

P.S if you have dialup, Openoffice is often available on PC related magazines coverdiscs.

by the way the 2.0 version is buggy, use the newest 1.x version

Thanks guys, that's real helpul info. How long would it take to download 93 mb w/ dial-up? Getting a disk would probably be better, can I get it for free and if so what magazines should I be looking at?
How is the functionality, meaning procedures for word processing and spreadsheets in comparison to microsoft? Has it been stable and reliable for you. I'm very weary with anything that is labled "free" if you know what I mean. Let me know guys....Thanks

How long would it take to download 93 mb w/ dial-up?

About 30 minutes at 56 Kb per second.

most weeks (but not all time) PCW or PCPlus Magazines have it on the coverdisks

Hi James,

Hope you had a nice weekend. I will definetely take your suggestion with the 1.x version as I don't want any syware/bugs etc. Anyone marketing FREE items makes me nervous because nothing is really free. How much hard disk space would a file this large consume, not sure how 93mb translates in to GB? A free CD would be ideal as I hate from the internet. Very helpful info, thank you......Justine

no you misunderstand me it has NO spyware and the reson its free is as it open-source.

version 2.0 takes less than 250mb on your HDD once installed with all options


This is where you can order the newest version on CD or download it yourself

Hi There,

Got you the first time around, no misunderstanding at all. Just a little cautious with anything that's free. I trust your experience...thanks