I installed Vista Business edition, and at first it was running smoothly (well it was a fresh install). But after like a couple of days I started to notice some stuff, and I was wondering if anyone else has had these problems.
1. My CPU is always being used, when in XP it was hardly used. I have an intel core 2 duo and the CPU meter shows both going at 1 to 20% when idle.
2. My memory is always at 44% when idle, which doesn't make sense because I am not running any programs or anything that would make it that high of a presentage.

And also I was wondering, if anyone has these problems is there a way to make them better?

I have had hose problems with vista I installed it on an old laptop (bought about 6-12 months ago) that worked fast with xp and played Xbox games in it without a problem. But when i installed vista it started getting slower and got problems opening the iexplorer immediatly after installing vista!!! It took many cpu and memory it loaded very slowly so I got back into XP hehehe.