Recently I've been getting messages saying that iTunes cannot play music files, and when I try to open the Volume Control, it says that "no mixer devices are installed." It then tells me to install new hardware...but I HAVE a mixer device attached, so why?

Any help on this problem would be appreciated.


* Right click on your My Computer icon.
* Choose "Properties" from the resulting drop-down context menu.
* Click on the "Hardware" tab,
* Click on the "Device Manager" button.

In the list of your installed hardware, are there any devices which have a yellow exclamation point or a red "X" next to their name/icon? If so, double-clicking on the problematic device will open a status window which will give you more details concerning the error.

Post those details here (fully and completely), as well as the exact name of the device in question.


Thanks a lot for the reply. Following are the stats:

Nothing is yellow and nothing is red under Sound and Video Controllers. Sound codecs, Legacy Codecs, they're all good and enabled.


* What is the exact make/model of sound device listed in Device Manager?

* What are the details surrounding the initial occurence of the problem?

List of Devices under Sound and Video Controllers:

Sound Codecs
Legacy Audio Drivers
Legacy Video Capture Devices
Media Control Devices
Realtek High Definition Audio
Video Codecs

any help would be appreciated,

I had a similar problem, try this out:

If it's NOT an onboard sound device:
Check the sound device manufacturer's website for driver updates. Uninstall you current drivers and install the latest version.

If it's an onboard sound device:
You could look up your motherboard's manufacturer website and get the latest drivers for your sound device... Just be sure to uninstall the current drivers first.

When I had this problem I did both the sound drivers and the BIOS update before checking if the sound worked, so I'm not sure which one actually solved my problem... probably the driver update.

thanks for all your help... now working..


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Hy, pls if there is someone who can help me...recently i've encountered some problems with my laptop...i have install/uninstall several times the audio driver to fix this problem and do anything i know but whitout results...when i start the computer everything is working just fine...after a while the problem appears...it says there are no active mixer devices available, to install mixer diveces go to control panel, click printers and then add hardware...

thank pls send your replay on my email address cdaci@yahoo.com