Hi, i'm a new member, but i've been in and out of here for a while. My CPU Usage is 100%, and always up there. I dont understand why it's so high. Before my system crashed, It worked just fine, everytime after that that i've installed windows, it's had the CPU Usage at 100%. Here's my stats...

System Information

AMD Athlon(tm) 64 Processor 3700+
Windows XP Home Edition Ver. 2002 SP2
2.40 GHz, 1.00 GB of RAM
DirectX 9.0 or better

Graphics Card Information

Processor: GeForce 6600 GT
Video BIOS version:
IRQ: 16
Bus: AGP 8X
Memory 128 MB
ForceWare version: 77.77
TV Encoder Type: NVIDIA integrated

which process is using the time? check in task manager. It can be due to one of your constantly running pgms gone bad, and which needs reinstalling - it may show under applications tab. Net usage? Is that correspondingly high? Need a bit more info.

Windows Media Player 11 uses alot...150,000k usually.....um....firefox is around 92,000k.....msn messanger 24,000k, explorer is 13,000k, svchost is 9,000k, Ad-Watch is 7,600k, and they progressively go lower. Networking is always 0% @ 100 Mbps. What is PF Usage? its 347 MB. Does that help?

In TM, selct processes as before, go up to View, select columns and ensure CPU Usage and CPU Time are checked.
In CPU column.... eyeball some average figures for the bigger numbers showing and report them here withe the process name [they prob correspond to the larger times in CPU Time].
[you've reported memory usage figures n i cannot tell much from them...]
Page file is the hard drive portion of your virtual memory. Backup RAM if you like.

System Idle Process:
Mem Usage: 28k
CPU Time: 3:52:10
CPU 99

Mem Usage: 94,092k
CPU Time: 0:01:42
CPU: 02

Mem Usage: 16,560k
CPU Time: 0:03:33
CPU: 00

In your "multithreading" machine the various threads are assigned priorities - these priorities for some threads are dynamic, for realtime processes they are not. The thread with the highest priority is assigned a moment [or more] of computer time, then the next, and so on. If not much is happening eventually the thread with the lowest priority [zero] gets some CPU time. That is the system idle process. If nothing else is requesting CPU time then the thread that is the idle process gets it. What does it do? It accounts for the time when nothing else wants the CPU. Yours is 99% and that is fairly typical for most pc's in normal use. If you dl a file, visit a gory web page or play some music you will see that figure drop somewhat.
So your machine is humming along just fine.
If however, if in TM you tap the Performance tab and see CPU usage as approaching 100%, then some real process is working overtime. It can be due to a faulty application, or just a process that demands a lot of CPU time, like a virus or spyware sweep. Play music and it could run at 5 - 12%. Play a video and expect maybe 5 - 25%.