I Have An Acer Computer That Reboots Itself At Any Time. You Never Know When Its Going To Happen. It Shows To Have No Viruses From A Virus Scan. Can Anyone Help Me Out.


Does it reboot and load XP or does it shutdown all together ?

It sounds to me but i may stand under correction like the Power Supply may be on the way out. Let us have your system Specifications please

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Sorry for double post ..... Try this

Right click on my computer
click properties
click on advanced
in Startup and Recovery
click Settings
Under System Failure
untick Automatically restart
click ok
click ok again
and Restart you machine

South Africa

Does this computer have a fan on the main chip? Any chance that its stopped working and the main chip is getting too hot, and auto shutting down? Have you checked the fans inside the power supply, main case and on the power supply?

If you take the case open you might look and confirm that all of the fans in the computer are working. Also look for hair, carpet fuzz and so on inside the computer.

If you are not experienced in this then its well worth being careful inside. Even when unplugged in, there are things inside that can shock you for a while afterwards, so tell us what you find and we can go from there.

Maybe you have that virus that shuts down your computer,but than again it could easily be anyone of these other suggesttions.