right i installed a copy of vista on my pc the version after the beta one, anyway dosn't matter. Right managed to remove it from the boot menu using fixntfs.exe and now i want to make sure its totally clear of my comp so that i can reinstall without it coming up time periord expired use vista with reduced functionality. does anyone know it it rights to any registers in windows. Oh i installed it on my hdd0 on partition 2 which has been formated and i have removed all the boot.bck etc from my c partition. Please help

stick in the vista full edition cd then just delete any existing partition and then make and format a new one

well have tried that but vista must still be lurking somewhere in my windows xp partition as when i reinstalled and rebooted it had two verision of windows vista to start but only one would work as the other files had been deleted.

if that happens then open a command prompt and do fdisk /mbr then boot off of your cd and do fixmbr

no i think i am explaing wrong i have managed to get it to boot correctly using fixntfs but vista uses a different boot config so fix mbr wont work vista must have keft some trace somewhere on my comp which i need to delete

prob a registery entry so that if vista rc2 expiers u cant just reinstall it and use it again