When I click the download button, the dialog box asking whether I want to open or save it doesn't come up. Does anyone know how to get it to come back up. This is driving me nuts!!!

Can you actually download anything at all. If not, and were talking IE6, (or probably most IE), go to internet options in the tools menu, then to security tab. Select custom level, and ensure file download is enabled.

Other than searching google for registry fixes, I would advise you reset all the menu defaults unless you have a particular reason not to. i assuming also you admin this PC and someone hasn't done the dirty on you.

Let us know how you get on because it will be possible to find a solution in the end.

Thanks for responding to my problem. I had actually tried what you had suggested to do, but it didn't work. I did double-check to make sure that the file download was enabled. Any more suggestions are greatly appreciated. Thanks! Also, I'm not sure what you mean't when you asked how I get on? Do you mean Internet Explorer? Sorry, I'm not up on all the terms.

Sorry, how you get on with regards to that sugestion is all I meant.


Have a look at the above link which gives some differing types of your problem.

I would of thought "Not prompted to specify download folder for file" http://support.microsoft.com/?kbid=177976 would be a good place to start, as its fairly easy fix compared to the later registry fixes.

The link for "Internet Explorer Restriction "Always Prompt on Download" which is


Shows a registry fix, which looks as though this should fix it, and is more presise for your specified problem.

A tempory fix may be to right click on the download link, and select "save target as".

Hope this provides assistance



I really do apreciate the time you've given to this. I've exhausted all the web sites you listed with no luck. The only thing I didn't do is to reset all the menu defaults. As you can guess, I'm not sure how to do that. So, I'm asking for your help once again, if you're willing. Thanks bunches!!!

Sorry the links were of no use. I was thinking of the following two restore defaults options located at;

Internet Explorer - Tools menu - Internet options - Advanced Tab - Restore defaults

My computer - tools menu - folder options - general tab - Restore defaults.

Its just a thought that might help.

Have you tried the right clicking on the download link, you get the option of "save target as" which should allow you to save it to a folder of your choice, albeit not the perfect solution.

Sorry i couldn't be more help



I tried the restore default options you mentioned to no avail. Also, when I right-clicked the download file button, the "save target as" was not in bold letters. Am I missing something? Also, I noticed that MSN Hotmail e-mails are now scanned for viruses by Trend Micro instead of McAfee. Would this have anything to do with the problem? Thanks again!!!

My daughter just got home from school and was able to download an attachment from her e-mail. It leads me to believe it's my e-mail account. I tried downloading several e-mail attachments, all are either zip or tgt files, and none worked. I do use WinZip for the zip files and use another program for the tgt files. Thanks!