Hi, I just got my new laptop yesterday, which came with Vista Premium.

I'm currently on the free trial version of Norton anti-virus, and it notifies me every hour or so if I want to allow this fild to run, but have no clue what it is.

The last thing I want to do is accept uknown files with a brand new machine.

Anyone know this file ?


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Hmm ... it looks as if exec.exe is also a NetZero file, but I suspect not in your case because if you weren't running it then you wouldn't be here on the Internet talking to us.


Googling said it could be anywhere from a trojan to the AIM viewpoint media player.

DON'T LET IT RUN! just in case.

if you are running AIM, uninstall it and restart. If the problem goes away, that's probably it, and you can reinstall AIM and allow it to run, no problem. If not, and the popup keeps coming up. Run a full system scan with norton and see what comes up.


It might be related to AIM, since i downloaded it a few hours after I booted up my PC for the first time.

I ran a Norton scan yesterday, and it detected 1 file with a low risk/warning, and I don't think it was the EXEC.EXE file. But when I did a search I did see something related to Vonage.

I don't think its a harmful file, since I got the prompt to run it only a few hours after I bought the machine, if so, that would be very sad.

I'll just keep preventing it from running.

Thanks everyone !

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