Hi ive just purchased a new dell dimension 9200 running vista and have literally just unpacked it, so have added no addition hardware.
I have made a connection to my router via rj45 and gone to bbc.co.uk and searched the entireity of their website without any issues. However when i go to a different site ie maplin.co.uk or any banking site the delayed responce time is measured in minutes (upto 7 on occassions) to display all the contents of the home page. Unsure as to where the problem lies. If i drop to a command prompt and ping the sites i get the expected responce times.
Any help appreceited.;)

The problem itself lies with windows new "stronger" security. Basically the reason these sites are slow is because IE7 is scanning the website as it loads with its new fancy phishing filter. What i would suggest is turning off this filter and when you do see a website that looks suspicious then do a one off scan on it.

Have tried turning off the phising filter this still has no effect with regards to any increase in speed. Could it possible be something to do with my router. Its a netgear dg834gv2 and i have seen a few articles that suggest it maybe an issue ?

Have worked out the answer to my problem, it appears that vista didnt like dchp being enabled on the ipv4 stack. Set up a static ip address that the router would reckonise and it now works fine.
Strange though that it should work with some web sites ok though.