Is the ThinkPad t22 compatible with windows XP pro? I seem to be having issues with it. My sound is horrible. I know it's not my speakers because I have hooked headphones and external speakers up and they all sound scratchy and fade at times if I open or minimize a program. I first thought it was because my battery is rather old and I was running it off the battery while playing music. I plugged it in and it seemed a little better but still fade and stuff every now and then. Also, it seems to "skip" a little when playing mp3's. This is driving me nuts I have updated drivers and everything. I just wanted to know is there anything I should be aware of with windows XP on my thinkpad? Any special drivers or software? Any important issues? thanks

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Did it work fine in your previous OS?

I'd imagine that with updated drivers, you've done all you can on the software side of things. The only thing I'd try there is pulling the sound devices out of device manager, then reloading the drivers. Other than that, you could have a bad sound card, or a bad audio jack.


I reinstalled Xp after months of using 2k. I guess maybe it just didn't find all the drivers or something because now it seems to work great!

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