Recently internet exp. has been erroring telling me to send error reports when i open certain pages. I send error reports, but that does nothing. Web pages like the windows update page and this page seem to work fine but, almost all others don't. I have approx. 30 or seconds of browsing time be4 an error occurs. Same error every time. I recently have swept my registry, memory, hard drives for adware spyware crap, due to a barage of sh*t on my laptop, with a freeware program called ad-aware 6.0. Did that screw something up or can I get some suggestions please?

I use windows XP
I looked through the internet settings before but I don't see anything about error report enable/disable

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Cool logg on Root
click START/RUN/(Type in)services.msc/(Find Error Reporting Services)Right click/PROPERTIES/START UP TYPE/ DISABLE/OK/APPLY....then reboot.

For more info on Disabling useless services that are taking up your valuable computer RESOURCES go to WWW.BlackViper.com and got to the xp services section.


I did as instructed and still got the pop up thing that says .....has encountered an error then send or dont send error report. I diasbled the startup type on error reporting services and rebooted.

Thanx for the bit of knowledge, but problem still there.


ok i know i did it right, so far i got the pop up thing and i sent the error report, but (new) the page didnt close it kept loading and i was able to keep surfing. later on i got just a plain internet explorer encountering problem. it seems to be working i dunno but ive definitely been able to surf for a while now............today is a new day and the problem is definitely still happening.

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