Basially the situation is I have 4 computers here and 2 printers. The 2 printers are hooked up to one computer-1 is USB and 1 is Parallel. They print fine when they are first connected but if I reboot the computers without attached printers then they say "Unable to Connect/Access Denied". I can get them to work again by going into My Network Places and reconnecting them. They require a username and password. There are accounts on both computers with the same username but even that didn't help. I've used Win2k and Win98 and never had a problem like this.

Any suggestions?


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You said you've used Windows2000 and Windows98 without a problem. I take it you're using Windows XP now? On the computer hooked up to the printers, edit the printer shares to make sure they don't require a username or password. Otherwise, on the client computers end, is there a place where you can store the password? The problem seems to just be a security problem where the computers are having a hard time automatically connecting to a password-protected share.


Hmmm... I'll take a look see now. Probably is security alright cause I've never used NTFS everywhere before.

No I'm using ALL Win2k now. I meant at home I had used Win2k, Win98 and Win95 actually without any such problem.


Windows 98 and Windows 95 I can see working without a problem because they aren't multiuser-based operating systems. Windows XP seems to be a bit quirkier with security stuff than Windows 2000.


Success!! Thanks!

Twas security issues alright.

NTFS is very picky!! :-p

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