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What people use to track size of growing folders?

Try ViewFolderSize. http://www.softmajor.com/aveselov/vfs/info.html

From readme:

This is Windows Explorer add-in, which adds ability to view folder's content size as well as file size. Now you needn't any utility to find a folder where you waste disk's free space, just open your Windows Explorer and all secrets before your eyes.


Have anyone tried this software? I just want to know whether it's worth buying


Thanks, Caleb! This is to point.

2 laoli: I use it 1 day only and this not requires money :). I'll try to contact author and if he will response, it is most likely I'll purchase for this.


May be you should try ViewFolderSize Pro. It's quite more fast, customizable, useful. And even it's work on WinXP Pro x64 edition (as well as on WinXP Pro on my second PC).
You can get it here - Moveax web site

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