Just thought that it would be nice to tell members here about the specific features of this new os. Here are the links. Let me know if they are any good for what you have in mind in terms of the version to be purchased in the near/not so near future. Thanks,




I have windows vista Ultimate on my laptop and i simply love it.

yh i hav ultimate on my laptop aswell i heard that you can get moving backgrounds??? is it true? if so plz tell me where i can get them from!


Vista has an inbuilt support for "Motion Desktop", "Desktop Aurora" is a more fancier name for the same. You can even set video as a wallpaper.
To set an inbuilt one do this.

Right click on the desktop and goto "Personalize"
Then select "Desktop background" -> Select "Windows DreamScene Content" from the Content list. and choose any of the pre-loaded ones.
Thats it you are ready to go.

Some things that you should know before you start using Windows DreamScene:

  • Windows DreamScene supports only .mpeg and .wmv video file formats.
  • Windows DreamScene video support requires a graphics card that supports Windows Aero.

thanks for replying to my post!

but theres one problem....

when i get to the background screen.... i cant find anything to do with dreamscene or how to choose content!!!!

sorry if i sound like a noob but its my 1st day with vista!!!

heres a screen shot to see if that helps

btw i have a nvidia geforce 7400


ok theres no need to reply to me as i hav solved my problem, i didnt realise that you first have to download dreamscene from the windows update page