I may be stupid not to get this, but usually when I'm on the internet and I want to go to a site, I only have to type in for example www.daniweb.com. But today something strange must have happened. if I only type www.daniweb.com, I get an error message saying that there is no such page. if I type http:// first, than it works. it's the same thing with all webpages. I can't get to any websites without typing in the http:// first.

could it have something to do with the fact that I today removed the CoolWebSearch virus, and I also removed a whole lot of spywares, that I until this day didn't know existed on my computer? until today I haven't been able to choose the startpage myself.
I also ran Spybot, and Easycleaner to clean the register today. if someone could help me with this, I'd be forever greatful... //Gina the JellyHead

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Is this happening exclusively in IE, or if you have Mozilla / Netscape installed, does it also happen there too?


I don't have Mozilla or others installed. Should I try installing another web-browser and see if it's still the same? Any idea what may have happened? thnx..=)

Hello again.. I tried installing Mozilla simply to see if it would make a difference. Well, it did. If using Mozilla instead of IE, I didn't have to type the http:// before the page address. That must mean something's happened with my Internet Explorer, right? Does anyone know a way to fix this, or even an explanation to why it suddenly is this way? I could of course have Mozilla as my web-browser, but I'd rather not. I'm a bit fond of IE, and would like to keep using it. Anyone who might be able to help me..? What's happened?

You've got some type of spyware/browser hijacker. Do you use p2p programs?

Check out some of the suggestions in this thread to see what could be done for IE.

Hmm.. No I don't use p2p programs.
I thought I got rid of the spyware already.. =( Well well..
I'll be back. =P


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