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I have a problem with windows Installer trying to install something. Everytime I boot up it pops up when the windows screen is loaded. It says preparing to install then the blue bar gets to about 90% and then it disappears only to try again later. It seems completely random. The only times I can be sure it will happen is when I boot up. How do I get rid of this and how do I find out what its tring to install?
I have recently istalled a new PCI audio card but that installed successfully from the disc that came with it. When I ask windows to search for new hardware it does come up with the PCI card and when I select it from the list it says there is a problem with the driver (code 28) but then goes on to install from the disc successfully but when you re-boot the porblem is still there!
I have run Hijackthis and will post that log seperately. Has anyone any ideas as it's been driving me insane for weeks now.

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Go into device manager & see if any of the hardware has a question mark next to it.
You might also want to try to uninstall the pci card, then reinstall it. Try to update the drivers on the net too.

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