Help, while trying to clean up my computer, (Windows ME, HP Pavilion XL946)I think I have accidentally deleted the file that runs my sound. (And, yes, I emptied all the trash.) I don't want to restore the entire computer, nor do I want to restore to a certain date, because it has been so long that I would lose too much stuff. Is there any way I can restore my sound without restoring the entire computer. I couldn't find anything on the restore disks that would let me. Thanks,

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Sound is run via sound card drivers ... how exactly did you delete those? Check with HP on the model of your sound card and then re-download the appropriate sound card drivers. They might be provided on the restore disks though I am not positive of this. Otherwise, are you sure you just didn't accidently turn all sounds off or mute the speaker volume?

Are you using WindowsMe system restore? System restore points should be automatically created every day or so. So you should be able to restore your entire system to a time such as yesterday. Therefore you wouldn't be losing very much. In addition, only system settings and installed programs are rolled back. Any documents and files you have created are retained.

Hi, thanks for responding, even though I'm a dork! You have probably seen a lot of this! My audio codec bios was disabled. Don't know how this happened. Does anyone else have a teenager in the house? Thanks, B.

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