This computer has a habit of freezing up and giving errors when a teacher in trying to imput grades. He usually has Grades, e-mail and IE up all at one time when this happens. Sometimes it does it when just one program is up. It has been fine until about a month ago, that's when all this started to happen.

Any ideas?

Have you run any virus or spyware checkers on this system? Being Windows 98, it is pretty prone to freezes because of spyware. What are the specs on the machine? Has any software/hardware been added to the system in the past month? Also, what exact messages are being given when it does give error messages?

There are any number of things that could have happened. If we get a little more information, someone may be able to help you out.

Well, the problem has branched out a little more than what I had posted. The I-net is not working and neither is the attendence program. I have switched out computers since then and the teacher is up and running. I have the computer in my posession and now I can not figure out what to do.