Hello, Can't make IE 6 play quicktime movies. All software is up to date (6.5 version and quicktime works fine) so I guess is a about activex permissions or something since I have spybot teatimer and "secure" policies on Ie...

Searched help in apple but nothing...

Can you help me please? (icon of quicktime is shown where the movie should play but NOT broken...)

Why don't you go into Internet Options. Under Security make sure everything is default. Then go to Privacy tab make sure it is under default then try make sure you restart IE. Get back to us.

I'm having a similar problem with quicktime, but the broken logo only shows up once or twice and I view quicktime files daily. I went to quicktimes page and I'm fully updated. Anyone have any suggestions? thanks.

I'm having a similar problem with quicktime...

Hi Regulus, welcome to TechTalk :)

We do ask that members not tag their questions on to a thread previously started by another member (regardless of how similar you problem might seem). Not only does it divert the focus of the thread away from the original poster's problem, but it also makes it less likely that you yourself will get the individual attention that you need.

Please start your own thread and post your question there. When you do, please try to give us as much specific info as possible regarding the problem (exact error messages, system specs, etc.).


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