can someone help? first of all. when i got home two days ago. my computer would not shut on or anything. well it would shut on, it just kept showing the options, and not booting up. so my dad re-did the whole computer. we restarted it from scratch with all the files errased and evertyhing, and it works perfect.. except the fact it KEEPS freezing. any ideas why or how to prevent this? it's at RANDOM times. not during the same sites or anything. and the only way i can turn it off is by the button. any advice?

It sounds like a hardware problem.

First off remove cover and allow to run and see if fan is working and continues to work. If fan stops then system overheats and stops until cool.

If fan is working then I would remove hardware items like network cards, etc one at a time and see if problem still occours.

Also try reseating memory and see if problem goes away. Then remove memory cards one at a time etc.

If none of those and problem persists I suggest you get motherboard checked out by a shop.

let us know what happens.


do the following things first before sending it to a repair shop:

1. Clean the dust out of the case with compressed air, which can be bought at walmart for five bucks/ can.

2. With the compressed air can, spray with it on the cpu fan, case fans, etc. Also check to see if fan funs when you turn on the pc. If one of the fans stays off, replace the fan(s) ASAP. If possible, add another fan (either pci, hard drive fan, 5.25" bay fan, case fan, etc, to prevent any overheating issues.

3. Then, like DenisOxon said, remove network cards, etc. one at a time and see if the problem still occurs.

4. If that didn't help, add more ram if supported, and get a new hard drive (assuming you have an old pc); or, if you don't want to add those things, take it to a repair shop and see what they say. If they say anything needs replacement, ask them for the parts and you build it, which will save you some money!!

Hope that helps!!!

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