First let me start by saying thanks to anyone who can even offer insight to this problem. I have a Compaq Presario X1000 from 2003 that would not boot up for me today. It would get to the screen where there is the windows xp logo and the blue scroll bar. The bar would scroll for a bit and then freeze then scroll for a bit and then freeze and well you get the point. I tried to start in safe mode but that only froze at apg440.sys. I tried to enter the bios but anytime I try and do that it automatically shuts off. I tried to do a repair using a repair disk, but that did not fix anything. I read online that if you disable apg440.sys should work, because that is a somewhat common problem. I disabled it using the repair console on the repair disk. Now it still does not work and safe mode freezes at ENCBPTH.SYS. I dont know of anything else I can do and I feel like I"ve tried everything that I have read about online/know of. If any one can help please do otherwise it's off to circuit city (where I got it from but the warranty is expired) to see if they know anything. I went through F8 and had selected each of them to know avail. My friend had told me the same thing happened to him and he brought it somewhere and they told him his hard drive had died. This sound right to anyone? This is something wierd too. When it starts a compaq symbol always came up, and now an HP symbol comes up. I had installed a windows update earllier yesterday and restarted and the computer worked fine. Could that have anything to do with it?

The compaq logo is in the BIOS, have you tried clearing the CMOS? Is your date and time correct?

clar the cmos by either shorting a certain arrangement of pins (check motherboard manual) or by pulling out the CMOS battery for a bit (looks like a watch one, on the motherboard) - if you do this then DIAGRAM so you know which way to stick it back in