i have win xp pro ed sp2 installed in my system. my pc got infected by Backdoor.Win32.Hupigon.adi and Worm.Fujack.k. my antivirus(active virus shield *powered by kaspersky) found all the infected files and nuteralized(cleaned) them. now whenever i click on any of my localdisks icon in my computer i get a dialog box sayin :

Please go to the control panel to install and configure system components.

if i rigth click the drive and select open, it works fine.

plz helppp

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It is likely that the virus corrupted your system files.

SFC = System File Checker

That command compares the files on your PC against those on your XP cd (you will need it) and if they are determined to me missing, damaged or infected, then they are replaced with stock versions.

Let the command complete. It is silent, it will not tell you whether it passed or failed. Just reboot afterwards and see if it helped.

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